Sunday, 25 May 2008

CD Review: Here’s to the Atom Bomb.

Review by Steve Dean

Released on the We Like Danger label, ‘here’s to the atom bomb’, by the 5-piece band of the same name, is one of those albums which take a few listenings to before the tunes catch hold; but once they do, they hold on tightly.

The first track, ‘History’, with its heavily U2 influenced guitar line, is nonetheless a fine song no matter what the influences may be. It boasts marvellous rollicking drum patterns and some really nice and catchy backing vocal chants. On this track and throughout the album, vocalist Phil Jones sings with the same sort of unpolished sincerity that used to hallmark the voice of Paul Weller back in his The Jam days and at times achieves a kind of appealingly poignant plaintiveness. Towards the end, this number has a very effective slow-burning build-up which I thought very well done. A great song and a great arrangement.

The second and another impressive track, ‘Something’s Got To Give’ contains a relentlessly throbbing bassline supporting a maze of interwoven guitar lines. Interesting to listen to and features some excellent work by drummer Tomos Hughes once again.

The general feel of the third number, ‘This Information’, reminded me of a cross between the aforementioned U2 and early Roxy Music; Phil Jones even sounding like Brian Ferry in places. Roundabout the middle, an at-first strangely-toned guitar interlude kicks in and lifts the whole track right up - it certainly made me take a little more notice. The tone itself having an appealing but slightly discordant sort of bagpipe sound. Another strong song.

The last tune, ‘Ghost is Daylight’ opens with a great bassline as the song sort of saunters along, slowly gathering in intensity until the tune finally gets into its stride. Putting me in mind of 80s Scottish band ‘Big Country’, the two guitarists, Rich Dooley, Alex Shenton and bassist Peter Bray take the song to a fine ‘high’ as the tune nears its abrupt conclusion.

Although this isn’t an immediately commercial CD, it is full of great ideas and once you get into it, you stay into it, so to speak.

Go to for a listen to “History” and “Something’s Got To Give”. All good stuff.

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