Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Donny Wrench and Rachel Rimmer @ The Dudson Centre, Hanley. June 3rd.

Review by Steve Dean

Photo by Karen Sayle

Having been invited to the Voluntary Action group’s open day at their headquarters at the Dudson centre, I was pleased to find that popular acoustic act Donny Wrench, whom I knew would be playing, would be accompanied by sultry-voiced songstress Rachel Rimmer in a newly-formed duo; a prospect which holds much promise, going by what I heard here this afternoon.

They are both capable performers and with their first song, ‘I’ll Let you Know Tomorrow’, they demonstrated a very workable chemistry. Don's folk/rock vocals mesh with Rachel's more jazzy tones remarkably well and I found their second composition, ‘Welcome to the War’ to have equally strong appeal.

The set also featured ‘The Ballad of Alfie Dale’, a number from the repertoire of of ‘The Lies’ rock band, of whom Donny, when not playing solo (or with Rachel), is the lead singer and rythym guitarist. Their penultimate tune was a song so new, they hadn’t even given it a name yet, although I was tentatively given ‘Warning Signs’ as its probable title. I asked for such because it has the makings of an excellent song and I wanted something to refer to.

Finishing with ‘White Lie’ also from The Lies set, this pair proved themselves to be an act to be looked out for in the future. A great afternoon’s work, well-appreciated by those attending the Dudson Centre this afternoon and well worth this short review.

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