Friday, 25 July 2008

CD Single Review: Herzoga – Satanic Verses

Review by Steve Dean

Herzoga have a style pretty much all of their own and this single is an excellent example of where they are at musically right now.

Following a neatly-picked introduction, the summery chords beneath the recited verse give this song a pleasant light feel; although that isn’t to say that it lacks depth. Some powerful drumming and driving bass from the rhythm section keeping it firmly in the rock vein ensure there is plenty going on. I love the harmonies of the simple chorus and although I’m unsure how this track would sell in terms of overall commercial sound, it is the sort of song that isn’t easily forgotten, and that must count for something.

Going out on some neat semi-abstract lead work, ‘Satanic Verses’ inspired me to want to listen to it again; and then again. A good sign that, I reckon.

'Satanic Verses' can be downloaded from

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