Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Visual Tourettes

Visual Tourettes

Article by Stephen Harvey

A unique live painting performance on the 8th November at 70-72 Piccadilly, Stoke on Trent City Centre - Hanley.

This event is a first for the area and it will incorporate the cream of the UK urban / street art talent.

Featuring DBO, KEV MUNDAY, TWO PENCE, SAZZELLI, ROCKET01, SU1, and FAMOUS WHEN DEAD and will also feature the music of ASUBU & other Guests.

Street and urban inspired art could not be further from the mindless writings of those whose intention is solely to deface. It is about performance, it is about inspiring and involving people in art in a way that has never been seen before.

The importance of this artform cannot be overstated, with record sales and attention at auctions, exploding levels of participation and the emergence of a new breed of artistic superstars.

This live painting event will bring together nine artists at the top of their game to collaborate on producing a unique 12m x 2.5m piece right in the heart of Stoke on Trent around the theme Fantastic, Found and Fake (the cojunction08 theme).

Helping to kick off the city's Conjunction08 arts festival on the 8th November, the performance will feature live painting as well as music, and is probably the first time this type of event has been held outside London.

As a further point of note, this event is probably the first live painting performance to feature in a contemporary arts festival, walking the line between the outsider and the insider, providing a bridge to what is widely regarded as the fastest growing means of artistic expression that exists today.

"We're so excited about this performance, its great for Stoke on Trent and the City Council to be involved and support us. It represents our opportunity to become the primary centre for street and urban inspired art outside London and Bristol" said Paul Bishop who is the founder of LET THEM CREATE.

"our aim is to provide a clear and distinctive focal point to the start of the Conjunction08 festival by bringing an exciting and unique artistic performance to Stoke on Trent.

We want to break down barriers and encourage greater appreciation and participation in contemporary art, at the same time, our aim is also to promote this area as a fantastic place to see, create and be involved with art. "

Sounds like it's something not to be missed.

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