Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Flamboyant Bella /She is Sue /The Elastics @ The Sugarmill, Hanley. December 5th 2008.

Review and photos by Ellen Argile

Double the number of people, double the energy, double the astonishment. Flamboyant Bella, and their supporting acts The Elastics and She is Sue were simply 100% better than expected.

By the time The Elastics made it to the stage, there was already a impressive number of spectators anxiously waiting at The Mill. Vocalist and general stage jester, Jack seeped vibrancy and pushed every button he could to get the crowd going.

One bar break and toilet stop later we returned to find a considerable increase in head count ready for She is Sue. Despite being one member down their performance was still superb. If you didn’t know any better, you could of easily of been forgiven for mistaking these guys as the main act. It was raw and edgy, the kind of noise you expect from the kind of musicians who know their instruments. Their distinctive sound defiantly shone through, with songs that were just right length, and every one of them finishing with a gunshot ending that left your ears ringing for more.

Flamboyant Bella we’re the biggest surprise of the night. In more ways than one. I was expecting it to sound either like a polished, crystal cut mirror image of the studio sound, or a disappointing half baked effort at a live performance. Neither were the case.

Despite being clearly flabbergasted at the size of the crowd, the band played an effortless set. With just the right amount of every element a good gig needs, it’s hard to describe. Confident but not complacent. Sugary but not Twee. Talented but not overly processed.

Flamboyant Bella
The Elastics
She is Sue

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the second support band were called 'she is sue'