Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Glebe Farewell Party 3rd January 2009

Article by Charlotte Lunt

Seeing such a diverse audience at the Glebe for it’s last night shows this pub's importance as a venue that is welcoming, broad ranging, and that it holds a very distinct place amongst the city's music scene. Whilst it may well not be the largest or the most glitzy venue, it is certainly a place where live music is appreciated and flourishes, with no false pretences.

Simi and Jo have been at the helm of the Glebe for 2 and a half years and have prided themselves on providing a venue rather than simply a pub which puts a few bands on. With 20 years experience in the music business, Simi saw the Glebe as an opportunity to “put something back”. “We didn’t want to be like other venues that appear up their own asses, we wanted to help bands learn and we try to be helpful. We’ve been able to teach young bands about equipment and it’s been great when they’ve played again and sounded even better. We want to support small bands as well as those who are making it big. We also want to thank everyone who has supported us in any way”

This lack of ego has meant that The Glebe has given a home to musicians and promoters who are proud not be in the mainstream, and likewise for the audiences that it attracts. With such a diverse and thriving music scene in the city The Glebe has been somewhere that supports bands and gives them opportunities that are not oiled by ticket sales. This was clearly shown by the range and sheer number of bands who played tonight ranging from acoustic singer songwriters, through indie, grunge, and electronica to punk.

Far from being in a musical back water, The Glebe has become the music scene’s ‘local’ without becoming typecast by genre. This was emphasized by the number of people who came through the doors during this 9 hour celebration, and the affection with which they spoke of the venue.

There has been much speculation about the reasons why the Glebe is closing, and even on it’s last night the reasons are little clearer, perhaps it is the natural progression as some scenes move on, or that people are not willing to chance a night out at a gig when they could go to a club, or for any one of the other theories that have abounded. To a degree, the reasons are irrelevant when there is such a passionate support for all that Simi and Jo have created and given the City in this very special venue. I’m certain that wherever they chose to re-incarnate, the Glebe spirit will continue, possibly with even more vigour.

Bands and singer/songwriters performing were:

Hold the Fort
Sold out Story
Opting for Oblivion
Scott Fowler
The Light
Grass Stain
Friendly Campaign
Giro Junkie
Green Reaper
The Shylos

In Simi’s words...

“Rest in Peace The Glebe…..Long live The Glebe…”


Good night”

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