Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Jo-ee-T @ The Underground 20th February 2009

Review by Chloe West

Describing himself as ‘DJ/Producer/Whatever Else’, Jo-ee-t is a welcome anomaly in the night’s proceedings. Rarely does the Underground have the privilege of acts other than those containing some sort of guitar formation and this is a breath of fresh air. Armed solely with laptop and mic, meddling with this genre could potentially result in Stoke’s answer to a bad Super Mario theme, but the youngster instead takes it to a fine level, and within minutes the crowd are drawn to the front of the floor. Impressive.

In few words, Jo-ee-t creates a mash up of nifty techno hooks moulding with xylophonic beats and old school electronica, and even throws in a quirky Kraftwerk cover, (which for the musos out there was also sampled on Coldplay’s Talk). Already boasting a dedicated following, many a Jo 'virgin' were also impressed, with one spectator even comparing him to the early Chemical Brothers. Just a man down. Comparison or no comparison, he copes more than aptly in singular form, and can only gain with already strong material.

More of this please.

Jo-ee-t performed alongside The Rivalry and Model Radio.

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