Sunday, 14 June 2009

Model Radio @ The Underground, Hanley 12th June 2009

Review by Sian Eardley

To sum up tonight, I’d have to quote Alex Turner and say: “Get on your dancing shoes!” With a fully charged set and no signs of flagging, (did someone give these guys a Redbull?) Model Radio were the perfect Friday night act for firing it up.

With a huge electro intro and an “Orate?” from the band, the crowd were instantly involved in the bouncy, upbeat, and swarming energy that is Model Radio. Drums were on form as well as guitars that soared through the pounding electro beats, whilst almost having the speed, intricacy and electricity of Chris Urbanowicz (Editors), to boot with great backing vocals from the bassist and keyboard fella’, showing they all have a part to play in achieving their sound.

The singer describes the night with lyrics: “Feel like everything’s gonna be alright”, “Something’s going on”, and “You’re not alone”, with the last statement being especially true. There are definitely fans about, and from front to back people know the tunes and the cool kids are doing their thing.

Throughout the set, there are a fusion of sounds; indie pop, sounding somewhat like One Night Only’s “Just for Tonight” (great for airplay), grittier rock, reminiscent of Pendulum, and then a more space-age feel, well suited by the line: “Welcome to the new dimension”, all to make an interesting contrast of sounds. Model Radio do pull out some “massive” tunes and have clarity and a clean sound, but the great thing about this band is that they’re not offensive in any way, and you could get into them from the hypnotic beats alone. It’s certainly music to turn your head and drag you in, as seen by tonight’s audience with a spectrum from 16 – 30+ years.

Tonight was about the music and feel good times, the party was started down by the stage with an array of jumpers, and the singer gave off a Happy Mondays/Stone Roses vibe, whereby you could almost envision Bez up there dancing with him.

To end on a high, drum and bass madness was unleashed, echoing the best of 90’s dance, which was fitting as they then leaped into a thrashing cover of Prodigy’s “No Good/Start the Dance”. With practically a full house, everyone was pumping it up, and it’s that sort of scene which is phenomenal to see. It was absolutely fantastic for starting the weekend and unsurprisingly ended in a deafening roar from the crowd. If you want to see a gig where you won’t be disappointed then go and catch Model Radio.

Model Radio

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