Friday, 3 July 2009

Dinosaur pile up / Bleached WAiL@ The Box, Crewe 25th June 2009

Review by Chloe West

Image courtesy of Dinosaur pile up

The Box, quite literal in name, is a smart little venue positioned in the centre of Crewe. Adorned from wall to wall in posters, they display an A-Z of music’s finest; although where Rachael Stevens fits into this is anyone’s guess. Put this together with the other quirky additions dotted around the venue creates an atmosphere throbbing with potential. Anyway, enough on the cosmetics of the cubic establishment, Bleached Wail were the nights main support and provided a complimentary set to headliners Dinosaur Pile Up. The band’s front pair may be unassuming in stature, but big in sound, producing a fast, full on succession of songs from start to finish. Singer Gus is blessed with powerfully unique vocals which roll out his taleful lyrics. It is at this point which a review would generally define a band’s genre in a few simple terms, but with Bleached Wail this is no easy task. They sample elements of punk, ska, pop, indie and beyond, effortlessly, and quite plainly are creating a definition of their own. Just need a nifty little phrase for it now.

Unfortunately, the running times at The Box tend to go on past many a punters bed time, and a crowd which was already thinning through out Bleached Wail’s set, became well and truly bone dry for Dinosaur Pile Up. Even a quick reference from frontman Matt for seated viewers to brave the dancefloor for Jacko, (bless his plastic soul), didn’t lure any movement. Their name inspired by a scene from King Kong, the Leeds three piece have been associated with a so called ‘grunge revival’. However, DPU are lacking in many a ‘grunge’ worthy trait of yester year; no over grown, lank hair, baggy clothing or a greasy teen following are to be seen. Instead a cleaner cut, fairly respectable band throw out the ‘get on the monitor and smash the equipment up’ style tune. Whether there is still space in the vicious music market for this new evolution only time will tell, but we can at least hope that the next time the trio play in this neck of the woods, more fans get the chance to sink their teeth into Dinosaur Pile Up.

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