Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Rittz / The Sport / Sound of Guns @ The Sugarmill Hanley 28th September 2009

Review by Liam Kelly

Photos by Leo Mazzocchio

Arriving on stage to an already large crowd, were a band I’ve seen plenty of in recent months, The Rittz. After being very impressed in the past by this four piece from Congleton, tonight was no exception and they were at their very best. Starting of the set with their most well known song ‘Justify the Need,’ lead singer Adam French and guitarist Sam Hancock showed off the furious guitar riffs which have made this band so popular in Stoke. ‘3:42’ was the next track with Adam and Sam supported by the powerful bass playing of Jake Alldread and the symbol crashing drumming of Matt Bass. ‘Patriots Paradise’ and ‘Someone like me’ really got the crowd going much to the delight of Sam, and the band got better throughout the set. Adam has one of the most unique and powerful voices from any local bands and has the talent to go on to big things, and is superbly backed by Sam, Jake and Matt. Finishing the night with the quick tempo of ‘False Apologies,’ this sent the near full crowd into a frenzy and the band were given a great reception as they left the stage. An excellent performance from one of the most promising bands in this area at this moment in time.

The next support band were the ever increasingly popular 5 piece, The Sport. The Sugarmill was now packed with their loyal and energetic fan's and the band kicked straight into their set with ‘Slow Down.’ This song quickly demonstrated this bands intentions of giving the crowd and unforgettable performance and the crowd screamed back the chorus to frontman Nic Andrews.
They then belted out the anthemic stomper ‘Holiday’ which showed off the quality and pitch perfection of Nic’s melodic voice, add this to the authoritive bass playing of Nick Gallagher, the robust rhythms of Mark Taylor and Alex Shenton on guitars, and the frantic drumming of Matt Jones, and you have one of the most unique sounding bands in Stoke, and its easy to see why they have become so popular. The band finished the night with their two most popular songs ‘Dead Stars’ and ‘Tick Tock’ which sent the crowd into further chaos prompting scenes of flung pints, frugging mosh pits and crowd surfers.

Headliners Sound of Guns arrived on stage to a smaller crowd then the one that had turned up for the support bands. This was not to have an effect on the boys from Liverpool and if anything it prompted them to put on an even better performance to prove what those who's left were missing out on. It’s clear too see why this band are rated so highly by Radio 1 and definitely earned their time at Glastonbury. Andy Metcalfe has a well pitched voice and has certainly knows how to put on a performance, constantly urging the crowd to get involved in each song. ‘Alcatraz’ and ‘Architects’ were the bands most accomplished tracks of the night and showed the quality instrumentalists in the band and in particular Lee Glyn on guitar whose tidy guitar riffs give Sound of Guns that accomplished and professional sound. A band who are already making their mark in the music world and are expecting to go on to big things.


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