Thursday, 15 October 2009

Kinch / The Souveniers @ The Old Brown Jug 14th October 2009

Review by AFD

This week’s We-Play night, although a little thin on the ground audience wise, provided an opportunity to see some fine talent.
From Manchester, Kinch opened up the night’s proceedings with an amazing style that is quite difficult to categorise;I would say that they have a new individual sound of their own.
The band themselves describe their sound as, “Britpop with a taste of motown, ska and the early 80s.”
With strong chord progressions, an interesting use of dynamics and almighty harmonies, the four had everyone’s eyes on stalks. Throwing tunes out there like ‘Never Be You,’ to ‘Falling apart’ and ‘If looks could kill’ just showed the versatility in both their song writing and live performance abilities. They are an out right brilliant collective of musicians.

Headlining, The Souveniers influenced heavily by bands such as: The Who, The Kinks, The Clash, Buzzcocks and more, delivered a very Libertines/Pulp style set. Debuting their single at the Jug, ‘The 21st Century,’ they had people humming the song long after the night was over.

The Souveniers

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