Wednesday, 9 December 2009

V.B.S - For you and there I’ll be there

Review by Stephen Harvey

Image courtesy of VBS

The latest offering from Chris Dulson or VBS as he is now known is a little bit different from his previous offerings to the world of dance music. This is a far more energetic and uplifting style of trance to what we are hearing locally and one I am sure his growing fan base locally will enjoy. A very heavy bass-line and swirling synths build and excite throughout the opening few minutes, and there is the inevitable break in the middle with a dreamy vocal accapella that we come to expect in this style.

To be honest vocal trance is not really my particular favourite genre. The last such offering I purchased was DJ ‘Tiesto – Just be’ A fine album, but one that doesn’t really make me an expert on this very diverse and popular style of dance music. This release though, I feel is a good attempt at capturing this extremely lucrative market that is dance music, and I think it may well have a good shot if given the bigger audience it so rightly deserves. Sadly the ability to create such tunes is no guarantee of success in a very competitive market these days, and the contacts in the mainstream world of radio airplay and big name DJ’s playing your tracks is a far more of a useful tool nowadays.

That said this track would not sound out of place on one of the hundreds of compilation albums that will be for sale this Christmas in HMV, which to me speaks volumes for it.

My only real negative is that maybe the quality of the female vocalist, sometimes doesn’t reflect the quality of the production skills used by VBS, This may be just my ear though, and I would advise you all to check it out yourself.

The track and his new E.P are available on iTunes for digital download


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