Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Hollywood Tease @ The Underground 3rd April 2010

Review by Sian Eardley

Photo by Simon Bamford

Hollywood Tease are undoubtedly a big band for the area, with big possibilities, and with a full-to-capacity crowd tonight, it would be interesting to see them play further afield in a larger venue and pushing the boundaries. However, they certainly try to do so at their latest Underground appearance.

A big curtain reveal, unveiled the united front of the hairspray fivesome, and out come the big tunes: the distinctive solos, the insane, whaling vocals which still knock me off my feet, even after seeing them numerous times, and of course, the hot-girl protégé standing at the front of the stage in the black latex pants with ‘Hollywood Tease; all over them, cheering and musing them on. They really do set the American rock scene, and you can very easily see their love for Guns ‘n’ Roses as they take it up a gear with their ‘COME ONNNN!’ jeers. They are a superb team of glam-metal comrades, a guitar thrusting, leather loving, stud wearing and tight trousers spectacle of mother rockers.

They unleashed some new material – the first live performance of ‘Who Needs Love Anyway?’ that had a vast intro and ridiculous guitar opener; highly catchy and reminiscent of Guns ‘n’ Roses’ ‘You Could Be Mine’, it was intense and polished, with the roaring of the title in the chorus. Man has Ashe got some vocals! This new song had to be the highlight of tonight’s show.

Each band member: drummer, lead guitarist and so on, had their chance to shine with a solo performance while the rest of the band recouped, and yes, all of the components of tonight’s gig have been done before, and it would be good to see something new, refreshing and invigorating from them, but they still manage an impressive reaction nonetheless.

However, just as I thought it was becoming a bit mediocre, and the sound quality wasn’t so stellar, out comes the ‘Good Times’ (a personal favourite) encore seeing the band leap from the stage and onto the bar on the opposite side of the room, firing it up like something ACDC would unleash, and it was phe-nom-en-al! Fireworks and banners signalled the end of the night, and after that high, boy was it amazing! Just when you think you might doubt your rock faith in Hollywood Tease, they pull it straight out of the back and deliver the rock goods. Love it!


Hollywood Tease

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