Monday, 26 July 2010

The Control @ The Sugarmill 24th July 2010

Review by Liam Kelly

Photo by Alex Mulliner

Unfortunately for tonight’s large crowd there was to be no support bands to start off the night and something which seemed to dishearten a number of the youngsters here tonight, but with their usual on stage antics, local boys The Control knew exactly how to liven things up. The band brought their usual lively crowd, although it seems that today’s gig-goers seem to be getting much younger, (or that I’m getting older?).

First track of tonight’s set was a new one, ‘Mammoth.’ As usual, The Control write a track which just has that edge with the gritty guitar riffs of Rich Bratt. ‘Crimes of Love, dance and music’ was next on the bill, and frontman Joes demand’s for people to get dancing sent the vast majority of The Sugarmill into a delirium. The hooky chorus of next track ‘Pienki’ was screamed back to Joe by the crowd and bassist Olli Fencott seemed in particular to enjoy this throwing himself around the stage and onto the bass boxes in delight. ‘Whitedogz’ is possibly my favourite track from the local music scene and it’s easy to see why many of tonight’s audience seem to think the same, with the symbol crashing drums of Mickie Davies supporting the booming vocals screamed out by Joe. Arguably Stokes strongest frontman, and most certainly most entertaining he certainly knows how to get a crowd reaction.

Older tracks such as ‘Jackpothead’ and ‘Suzie equals Fags’ always show what The Control are about mixing their post punk genre mixing with a progressive indie rock. The Control have a bit of everything and its clear to see why they are making themselves so popular, mixing sounds of Ska, Indie, Britpop and Punk to create a perfect genre. The Control then treated us to two of their newest tracks. In the chorus of one Joe belts out the line “down with the Potteries”, but with bands who have the potential and promise of these four lads, then maybe Stoke-On-Trent’s music scene is on the up. The penultimate track of the set was ‘Britain’ and with its bassy beginnings and memorable chorus, you are destined to be humming the chorus to yourself for days. Last track of the night was the bands calling card, the unforgettable anthem of ‘Playground Punks.’ It’s rare to be unable to hear the lead singer over a crowd but tonight, everybody in The Sugarmill was yelling back the chorus to Joe and the band. An unforgettable set and the strongest I have seen The Control perform; a band that have so much promise, I expect these boys to put Stokes music scene on the map.

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