Sunday, 3 October 2010

Oceansize @ The Sugarmill, Hanley 30th September 2010

Review by Sian Eardley

Open your eyes, really open them. Open your soul. Inhale, exhale. Then, and only then, are you ready to truly embrace the transcending journey of OceanSize on stage. Imagine if you will, an educated and more refined Coldplay (but cool…), with a more complex and intellectual group of sounds; electrical thunderstorms of noise with glimmers of sunlight and softer tones for an energetic and thriving delivery.

And old touring stop for the band, every time the band stop by at The Sugarmill they expand, coming back with a more powerful edge, pulling fans in from all genres and generations. This time, performing tracks: ‘Build Us A Rocket Then’ etc, etc, from their latest album: ‘Self Preserved While the Bodies Float Up’, they did much to appease their long-term fans from back in their influential days with Biffy Clyro and The Cooper Temple Clause, by bringing out their whole back catalogue.
Often making local appearances on XFM Manchester, it’s a good signifier of the quality of music these guys dish out. No manufactured drivel here, they are indeed quite special. Regardless of lyrics, their musical structure alone can carry you away to a vast odyssey of sonic planes. You are very easily absorbed into their aura; fully attuned and transfixed into every symphonic note – which is quite an achievement considering you’re in a room full of people and blaring amps.

Beautifully orchestrated, their compositions could transform the dullest and flattest chord into something dramatic, original and magnificent. The highlight of the whole performance was most definitely ‘Music for a Nurse’ – alternative’s version of ‘Hoppipolla’ almost. Captivating and uplifting, the opening sequence left lovers embracing in the crowd as the wash of music poured over them in the most angelic way. To this track all you need is to close your eyes and be free, be carried away with them. That is the charm of OceanSize, out they throw a real diamond and then turn the whole set on its head by storming on with something heavier, yet still remaining graceful and technical, thus providing a diverse and satisfying performance.

Their cacophony of sound is nothing like you’ve ever heard or seen before; a unique pleasure to behold their tangible sound. OceanSize? Let them into your musical hearts.

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