Saturday, 29 January 2011

Friday Street / Skinny Pigs @ The Sugarmill 28th January 2011

Review by Liam Kelly

Main support for tonight’s show came from one of Stokes newest and youngest bands, Friday Street. The boys looked pretty nervous and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but these boys are something special! Frontman Rhys Oakes is one of the most talented musicians I have seen for a long time and his versatility alone is enough to see this band onto big things. Dan Hyatt provides assertive bass guitar to give the band a unique sound and steady grounding. ‘Expectations’ was the strongest track of an impressive set and the techno mixture of Rhys on Keys and Ashley Arnolds on drums gave Friday Street a sound similar of that of Editors or Klaxons. Other notable tracks including ‘Cowboy song’ and crowd favourite ‘Hey soldier.’ I’ve been told that this was only the third gig for Friday Street, watch this space as they are a band bursting onto the local music scene with a bang.

Headliners Skinny Pigs entered the stage to a near sell out crowd; word is defiantly spreading about the quality of their music. Not a band to mess around, the Pigs kicked straight into an explosive hour long set with ‘I never listen.’ Tonight though was all about new Skinny Pigs and the three new tracks they played just prove how far this band have come, keeping their britrock northern guitar genre but showing a more melodic side to their music. ‘I’ve got a fever’ and ‘Drinkin up’ see frontman Craig Patterson at his best, showing a different side to his onstage antics and bringing out a stronger style of vocals. ‘Leave me alone’ sees the furious cymbal crashing drums of Jake Cunningham and Ben Nixons heavy bass stamp complete authority through the track. The bands strongest track and arguably their calling card ‘Best in me’ sent the crowd into a frenzy, much to Craig’s delight (he worked up the crowd as if it was Wembley arena). He’s a frontman with a real passion and never fails to put on a show, and with guitarists Sam Hardy and Lee Swindells, Skinny Pigs offer some serious amp smashing riffage. Finishing the night with ‘Wish you were here,’ The Sugarmill is the scene of chaos and the band clearly enjoy this and all throw themselves to the top of the bass boxes and receive rapturous applause from the crowd. A great start to the year, 2011 is maybe a make or break year for Skinny Pigs, and I expect them to achieve big things. Be sure to check out the link below for their new music video, ‘Best in Me.’


Skinny Pigs

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