Monday, 5 September 2011

Dinosaur Dancefloor - a sneek preview

Article by Emilia Rowley

Allow me to introduce Dinosaur Dancefloor.

How to describe these boys? They make you want to dance, they make you want to stay in Stoke, and they make you want to sing-a-long. With only a few gigs under their belt, I managed to swing a 2-track demo at their very first Sugarmill support slot. Here’s my very humble opinion…

Track 1, 'In 'n' Out of Pocket', draws you in with a quietly smooth jazz introduction, but ‘lo-and-behold’ in comes an indie-pop belter. It’s simple and enjoyable, and works well in the tiniest pub, in the Sugarmill, or in your headphones. Stand-out line? By far; wanting to pinch the Queen’s bum (you’ve got to listen now, right?).

'Suspicious Glance', track 2, is my favourite. It reminds me of happy days; either the TV show or your own happy days, you decide. It's has a rolling piano melody that sings 50s romance and rockabilly, accompanied by the same rhythmic drum that keeps everything together. Mentioning our very own 6 towns and a leggy broad who needs taking down a peg or two, this is a good ol’ fashioned tune about personality and growing up; with harmonious oohs and aahs that just add to the beauty.

You only need to hear these songs a couple of times; and they are in your head for a week. This, in my opinion, is the best kind of song. These boys sound so happy, and they look like they love every minute of performing. I can’t wait to dance to a full EP.

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