Monday, 30 July 2012

Faux Feet EP Review

Review by Jake Carter
Faux Feet's latest EP is certainly worthy of your attention if you're a Stokie who doesn't mind spending a pound or three supporting local artists. Since home recording has become increasingly less expensive I don't think I'm the only person who's become a little tired of wading through a sea of mediocre releases trying to find a gem. For a mere three pounds I don't think you can go wrong with this release and the recording quality combined with decent tracks definitely leaves this self titled EP sounding above the rest around these streets.

Opening track Handlebars begins more like something you'd hear from Four Tet than Faux Feet. I'm quite the fan of dreary and bleeping intros, but for those who're not don't threat; it doesn't take long before we're back to the familiar sounds of Faux Feet that you'd expect if you'd ever had the chance of seeing them live. Obviously Sian's voice above glistening and sometimes distorted guitars is what makes Faux Feet what they are, but it definitely feels that from the very start of this EP they've upped their game and all aspects of their music has improved.

The next track Down has bright and clear verses which transcend into extremely catchy and quite epic choruses. It's a solid middle track which I think does a fantastic job of pulling the EP together and complimenting it's surrounding siblings. Something I value is a well thought out collection of songs which flow together throughout - and this is something immediately apparent on this EP. The last minute and a half have to be the best part of the track and if you're anything like me you'll be walking around singing "Down down down" after a few listens.

Sleep Paralysis is in my opinion the best track from the EP and I could also see many a gig being ended with this number. The first thing that hits you is the vocal processing which is present at various parts of the track. You have to give credit to the person who produced the track as there's currently much hate for processed vocals, however on this track they're spot on and in my opinion are what makes this song stand out. It helps of course that the lyrics on this track - and throughout the EP for that matter - sound like they've been worked on and not just thoughtlessly scribbled down to make ends meet.

Overall I think Faux Feet have done an excellent job with this EP. Three tracks long, easy to get into and most importantly after listening a few times I was left wanting more. I think as long as the quality remains, a future, longer release could be an even greater local success.

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