Thursday, 13 March 2008

Interview: John 'Dug' Dugmore of Burnt and Tommo Boulton of Fleshhold (for 8 days anyway!). 12th March

Interview by Steve Dean

Preparing to record their new CD and just back from a successful European tour, John 'Dug' Dugmore of metal core band Burnt and his friend Tommo Boulton were in a philosophical mood when we stopped by for a chat recently. Burnt and Fleshhold being booked for an eight-day tour, taking in Belgium, Holland and Germany, vocalist Tommo, his brother being amongst Burnt's regular line-up, was given only five days notice before temporarily joining Fleshhold for the duration of the outing - the band's regular singer unfortunately having to miss out due to taking an important exam. Organised by Emilio of the enigmatically-named Holland-based agency 'Musketeer of Death', they were joined on the five-gig tour by Dutch band Retaliation. This is Burnt's second such tour, the first taking place back in 2004 alongside Razorwire and Long Time Dead, the latter band's more traditional style currying the best favour back then, and Dug and Tommo were happy to report a better response this time around. Not that they went down badly at any time; it's just that music-wise the Europeans are roundabout five years or so behind the UK and Dug and Tommos' music can be a little too 'modern' for our friends across the channel. Still, they are catching on fast and the bands were very pleased to report an especially enthusiastic reception at the packed-out Cave venue in Amsterdam. The Europeans are an understanding people and free beer and accommodation was provided at every booking played; which is just as well, considering the considerable distances between bookings. On being asked if they had advice for others considering such a tour, both agreed that a tour bus with a toilet is essential, also issuing a warning not to drink the lethal continental liqueur 'Goldstrike'. Why? Apparently it contains minute traces of gold leaf that lacerate the gut and encourage swifter alcohol entry into the bloodstream. Hmm.. Enough said.

Burnt will be previewing their new CD at the Sugarmill on May 3rd. If their last one, 'Rephrase the Lie', is anything to go by, it will be an event to remember.

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