Tuesday, 18 March 2008

SONS Ltd CD Reviews: This is Seb Clarke/The Novellos/Raphaels/The Title

Reviews by Steve Dean

Radio 6 DJ Steve Lamacq states: “(Stoke-on-Trent has) the most explosive and vibrant music scene in the UK right now” - How right he is; having just claimed 3 UK indie charts singles (no. 7, 9 & 15), SONS ltd release no less than 4 new singles on March 24th.

They are…

This is Seb Clarke/Rock ‘n’ Roll Alamo Part 7

Seb utilises his full musical force on this track, and uses it to great effect. Bringing elements of Van Morrison to mind, Seb’s Dylan-like voice sits well over the lively drums and brass. Commercial and a great dance number, given enough exposure, this could well bring Seb the national recognition that must surely soon be his.

The Novellos/The Lady is not for Turning

With a great sax introduction, this energetic offering gives a fine indication of where the Novellos are presently at. This song chugs along very nicely and I love the short drum break; seeming a little incongruous at first, it fits in very well after a listen or two. Given that their overall feel is rooted in the 80s, they have a definite sound of their own that along with this track should take them a long way up the road to success.

Raphaels/Charming Man

With some neat strumming and a well-placed harmonica solo, this catchy debut single well sums up the Raphaels’ style. Pure pop in essence, the band sound like they are having nothing but fun playing this and the quirky lyrics are but the icing on the cake. A great first effort that should easily bring them the attention they surely deserve.

The Title/Madman

Of the four tracks I received for reviewing, this is personal favourite. Putting me in mind of early sixties bands like the Yardbirds, I at first found the late entry of the drums a little odd, but once I got used to the idea, I can see how it adds to the track. Clever stuff. A great guitar line and a gripping chorus make this a real contender to follow in the footsteps of their last hit in the indie charts, ‘Slippin’ and Slidin’’. More power to their elbow, I say.

Receiving current airplay on the BBC, namely Radios 1 and 6, all four of these SONS releases have a real chance of achieving high places in the indie charts. They are available nationally in HMV stores, including their store in the Potteries Centre, Hanley, from 24th March. Available for pre-order from http://www.hmv.co.uk/ and http://www.recordstore.co.uk/

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