Sunday, 11 March 2012

Arthurs Vision / The Escape / Kadence @ The Full Moon Friday 9th March 2012

Review by Robert Egan

Rolling on down to the Full Moon for a three band evening, it’s a nice surprise to see so many here early on in the proceedings and giving some support to the first band for tonight, Kadence.

I must admit that I’ve never heard these lads previously and was really impressed with their indie rock sound which offers a hint merseybeat and psychedelia at times and also possibly a bit of 70’s glam/punk about them, especially from the main vox which a belted out at levels which could make the throat surgeon ready his operating table, or make you take notice that this lad at the front has got something to say. He’s got a powerful voice which accentuates the music well. 

‘2012’ was of particular note with an anthemic intro and driving bass and rhythm guitars. It has a well thought out composition; certainly not your ‘rock by numbers’ and offers a hint of how good these lads could be.
I heard from a fan that this was their 2nd gig since a new bassist and you can’t tell, so that says a lot about their dedication and drive. ‘Judgement day’ I’m sure had the drummer knocking out a double bass pedal?!-in an indie band! which I really liked the novelty of and hints at their creativity and ideas. They certainly had a small crowd throwing some moves in the pit and that’s no small feat in the Moon; most crowds tend to shy away at the back and leave the pit as an empty void waiting to be filled. I really enjoyed listening to their sound and I reckon you could do a lot worse than catch them if you can.

The second band up tonight is The Escape, whom I’ve had the pleasure of watching previously and they didn’t disappoint. They opened up with a sharp sounding intro and really grabbed the crowds’ attention, ready to unleash the set.

I think they have a slightly ska sound to them at times and certainly a post-rock feel, I can see why they appeal to an audience, especially from the energy that their front man throws off. He’s got a definite presence and articulation about him, devoid of any instrument to hold back his mannerisms which help to convey the mood of the lyrics. The whole band are certainly not about to just sit/stand there and play and this draws the crowd into the pit to try and absorb some of their energy.

A few of their tracks have hints of grunge/grind, but certainly are not to be pigeonholed as such as they always maintain their contemporary feel. I heard some tracks that I’d not encountered previously and some familiar ones-sorry lads, I did not catch any of their names.

The last track of their set was outstanding. Subtly rousing and extremely uplifting with a definite 80’s tinge to it-you can hear hints of the early Cure with these lads. They hail from Crewe so don’t necessarily play around Newcastle/Stoke too much, so I would definitely make the effort to give them a listen if you’re able.

Last and by no means least is tonight’s headliners Arthur’s Vision. Again, I’ve had the pleasure of listening to Arthur’s a couple of times before and been suitably impressed with their repertoire, so after hearing that they’d been gigging around the country a little of recent, I was glad to hear how they have developed their sound. 

Their set was opened to much applause from a now sizable crowd with a suitably driving number (in fact it’s nice to see such an eclectic crowd for this band, proof that their music has appeal to many ages and palates), heavy in guitars with a gorgeous rhythm section, holding the track together. Their sound is a nice breath of fresh air for tonight’s proceedings.

‘Feel the moment’ has a taste of Fleetwood Mac about it in my view, especially for the intro, with a country undertone. It’s a melancholic number and the keys help with a suitable accompaniment, yet it is driven and accessible with a very well thought out composition and by this point-which is quite early in their set-they have a pretty full pit of people absorbing their energy and releasing it with some interesting dance techniques. I wonder how you can be moved so much by the sound of the lead guitar, but you are and it’s an extremely uplifting experience. Fact is that they have toured around a bit and the experience shows, both in stage presence and sound quality.

The keys play a significant part in their sound and the parts are worked into the overall compositions very well almost substituting for the lead guitar in a sense rather than accompaniment, which is interesting. The vocals are expressive and inviting, driven at times and their front guy has an impressive range with a damn powerful sound when he wants to let it go. The harmonies are very well rehearsed and are presented spot on (something a lot of bands seem to leave as a secondary thought). You can tell that this band has spent a lot of time honing their skills and making sure that everything is just right.

There’s something about these lads, it’s almost like rather than happening across each other and developing a sound, they were simply meant to be. Very slick sounding and professional and I hope that they go far. Catch them if you can and you’ll not be disappointed...

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