Saturday, 10 March 2012

Heritage and Clockwork Owls @ The Sugarmill Friday 9th March

Review by Sian Eardley

I can sleep easily for a night.
Stoke may yet be saved from post-apocalyptic, screamo fifteen-year olds, looking to take the mantle and making it to Donnington Park, with as much Kerrang pap press as Paramore. I digress… Local (absolutely amazing, phenomenally good, unbelievably fabulous) starlets, Sian Matthews of Heritage and Aaron Mobberly of Clockwork Owls, are indeed the news of the hour.
Both modest of their art form (with a nod to Leo Robinson/Cult Party who waves the same flag), their folky music, which flows naturally within their talent’s unbounded capacity, is simply beautiful. I feel we have the babes of a Midlands Fleet Foxes in our mist, a collaboration of all three; I think would implode my brain with the sound of awesomeness. Now, being big-headed, but knowing I’m not alone, I have a pretty sound grasp on music, to recognize musical talent, I know what works, and what little glimpses can be just exhilarating to wonder where it will lead. Sian Matthews has virtually identical music taste to myself, and seeing her on stage last night, I felt that a true star was blooming before my very own eyes.
She embraces a beautiful spirit - unaware of her talent, a beautiful voice, which the likes of Stoke has never seen, and has a wonderful path in front of her. She’s as fascinating as Florence Welch – not that I’m comparing her sound, more like her ways. She’s as wondrous, as captivating, as inventive, and again as beautiful. That really does summate Heritage, that word: beautiful…. Having her in session on our Stoke Sounds ( on Mondays 7-9pm) radio show, she bloody blew me away with her raw talent: graceful playing, and educated yet elegant song-writing, I knew this upcoming show would be a blinder and it was. Though, a relatively short set (I wanted more!), with her accompniants - fellow guitarist and cellist, I somehow felt I’d stepped onto the set of a Smashing Pumpkins music video circa 1994 – absolutely Lush. However, the 15 year old brats who were in would have done well to have listened to someone so deserving of credit – had to get that off my chest. The establishment gets worse for policing it.
Aaron Mobberly – business personality, musical ability off the scale. He somewhat band manages his efforts in a charming manner, finds time to do his own solo stuff, and crams it all in to sounding bloody good! Yes, he is a good egg, an all rounder with some pretty darn good music to boot, Again, another radio frequent, we love them both, and as I, you’re sure to be in absolute awe. Very fortunate if on the same bill again. Make sure to check them both out, get on Bandcamp, check their sessions out with us, and I’m sure we’ll see big things from both spectacular Stoke bands soon.

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