Thursday, 31 January 2008

Profile: MC Hypes, by GS

Now and again a star is born. This happens to be true for a nineteen year old, who does not state his real name, MC Hypes, from Manchester who has won Sidewinder’s ‘Best newcomer’ award and played in Stoke in August.

“Well I feel out for of all the places! Manchester has the most talented kids but London and Birmingham have the brains and connections to do raves and whatnot. But, I think we can go far because we are putting in the work and not stopping”.

Currently having regular gigs within the UK, Hypes has already established himself as a new role model for today’s MCs. He is part of a crew called ‘Higher Stakes’ containing over fifty members throughout the UK, has developed a record label called High Rise and is now signed to Sidewinder Raw Entertainment.

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