Monday, 28 January 2008

Welcome to Stoke Sounds

Whether it’s Northern Soul, early 90s dance or mid-90s indie, wave after wave of ‘scenes’ have had major hotspots in Stoke. Music is one area where we have never been afraid to stand up and make things happen for ourselves and every now and then the UK stands up and takes notice. Friend of the tabloids Pete Docherty was one of the first to rediscover the city when he decided to get arrested here a few times and not turn up a few more. That’s cool. But beyond that there’s a lot going on. The Sugarmill in Hanley has a ridiculous number of big and emerging names playing and the Axis Festival is set to bring more famous names alongside local talent, giving music lovers a wide choice to enjoy in May.

Never hesitant to scramble onto a bandwagon when we see it passing, Local Edition has expanded its music section to cover more of these local developments and celebrate where we are – not only a hotbed of emerging talent in a dizzying array of genres, but the one place in the country where you can also go to just about every other major city easily for a night out. Our new site takes the expertise of our writers and photographers to a wider audience than we reach with the paper and links to all the listings that we don’t have time to rewrite here. As with the paper itself, anybody is very welcome to contribute and send us information and links. We want to include all types of music, so if you’re an expert or enthusiastic critic on any particular genre, you’re very welcome to get involved. If you don’t have ready access to the internet, it’s free at all libraries and we’d be happy to give you a quick tour from the Burslem Arts shop. And, of course, we’ll be bringing you the best of Stoke Sounds in the newspaper.

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