Thursday, 17 April 2008

Bands Wanted for compilation CD

Sleepwalker Magazine has sent us the following request for bands who might like to feature on a forthcoming compilation CD.


We are putting together a printed version of Sleepwalker magazine with a cover cd.

We want our local bands to get their stuff out there, so here's the offer:

For the new low price of £50 your band gets a track on the CD (which will be given with the magazine).

You also get a mention in the magazine and more importantly:

You ALSO get 35 of the CDs, to sell on for whatever you like. We recommend £3 which means that you only need to sell 17 and you have your money back! Sell all 35 and you get £100!

In other words it's free promotion for your band as you and the others promote each other.

Get your music heard, show everyone what we have to offer.

Let them know when you see them?


Bret Allen

Editor - Sleepwalkers Magazine

tel -01782822750

So there you go...

Contact Bret direct if interested!

Steve Dean

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