Monday, 21 April 2008

Band Interviews: Raphaels/The Novellos/La Dies @ SONS Ltd Showcase, Victoria Hall.

Interviews by Charlotte Denis


How did you guys meet ?

Tom: We knew each other from high school really. Me and George (bass) started playing together when The Libertines started to get big. That’s our main influence. Then after a Babyshambles gig we just thought about forming a band. It’s Chris's first gig with us tonight. wish him luck!

So did Sons Ltd contact you?

Ha ha no, we kind of asked! And it worked, look at us now.

Did it help you to get bigger?

Yeah definitely. We were doing a lot of gigs around Stoke though, but we’ve got
some huge gigs coming up which we are all excited about.

What do you think of the bands tonight so far?

They’re all great. We’re all local so we kind of know each other from school. It’s fun to see what we all achieved.

What’s next?

Manchester. Then in the summer new singles and an album hopefully!


The Novellos

So when was the band formed?

Mike: A couple months ago actually! We were originally two different bands and Sons contacted us both and asked us to form a single band, so we agreed.

What are your main influences?

Loads. The Clash, Sex Pistols; you know, some jazzy old stuff as well like James Brown. Our sound is very mixed.

Any big gigs coming up?

Tonight is a big gig for us. Then Party in the park, a couple of festivals in the summer too; it will be amazing.


La Dies

You’re quite big around the Stoke area. How did it happen?

Pete: Well we’ve been playing for years now. I guess we just love what we do. Being on stage is just a laugh between good mates really. We try to stay sober as much as we can and it works, tonight was great.

How did you get signed?

Through Myspace. Sons added us as a friend and basically liked our stuff. Recently The Enemy’s manager added us after a gig at the Sugarmill. I was gutted because I think we did rubbish on that night!

Nobody can really think of a band to compare you to. Why is that?

Haha.. Well it’s probably a good thing! I’d say we are new wave/glam rock. But again it depends on the song really. We have some new songs and they are slower than the songs we used to compose. It’s not a new style but it’s hard to say what we sound like.

So what do you guys do apart from gigging?

Most of us have jobs actually. But our main interest is the band. I’d give up on everything for music.

Any plans coming up next?

No not really; new songs, new gigs, you know... Love it.

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