Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The Stoke Sounds Junkyard Orchestra

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Do you or anybody you know play an unusual (or not that unusual) instrument?
Would you be interested in adding your profile to our database that can be accessed by local musicians for recording sessions and collaborations?
We are looking for players of tablas, percussion, fiddles saxophones, piano, lap steel, harmonica, spoons accordions, oboe, banjo, mandolin etc
The list is endless but basically anything except guitar, bass and drums.
Hopefully this gives people a chance for people to collaborate without charge, but that would be up to you to work out.
The Junkyard Orchestra is the name Tom Waits gives to his collection of unusual instruments, so hey, if it's good enough for Tom Waits, it's good enough for us.
If you'd like to take part, please fill in the following questions and if you have a photo of your instrument please email it to us as well.
Don't forget to tell us about any interesting projects or gigs this may inspire and send us the results to listen to and review.

Favourite musicians:
What sort of collaborations are you interested in? Do you have a standard rate for session work?
Contact: Please include the contact details you are happy for us to include on a public site. If you don't want to include your own details, we can forward on emails.
Send to: clare@localedition.org.uk or leave as a comment here.

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