Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Demon & Hollywood Tease @ The Queens, Basford. October 18th.

by Steve Dean

by Simon Bamford

This being our first visit to the Queens for a while, we found the sound system still as ear-shatteringly deafening as before, but the place itself apparently under new management. According to the blurb on the walls, tribute bands such as Fred Zepplin and QE II are to be the main new order here, the two bands this evening being an exception to this new policy. It is a shame to lose yet another regular venue for the local original bands, but I wish the Queens all the best with this new venture.

I saw Hollywood Tease at Biddulph back in July and my observations and comments then pretty much stand now. Fundamentally, they are accomplished rock musicians with some good and commercially robust material. They sound very American, bringing to mind Motley Crue as the strongest influence by a long way. In fact, they come across as a sort of Motley Crue tribute band playing their own Motley Crue-like material plus the odd cover number. With costumes, tattoos and haircuts to suit, posing is very much at the forefront here. Not that there’s anything wrong with anything as rock ‘n’ roll as posing and looking the part, but I thought the fan (of the electric type) carefully positioned to blow one guitarist’s elaborate hairstyle around as he played pushing it a bit, but what the hell... They know how they want to be perceived and what they want to sound like. Playing their gutsy music with easy panache, they put on a stomping show very well received by the mainly middle-aged audience; which, come to think of it, is the age pretty much most of Motley Crue’s fans would be.

I have to admit that I had never heard of Demon before this evening, and being a heavy rock fan of many years standing I was puzzled how this six-piece band of nearly thirty years experience had passed me by. To date, they have released twelve albums including a live one and judging by the amount of people singing along, they have a pretty solid fan base, including an enthusiastic Norwegian called Frank who must be their number one follower; singing, chanting and waving his arms about to every single number with great familiarity. With such a large backlog to choose from, those in the know in the audience were spoilt for choice. Beginning with ‘Night of the Demon’, a song that brings classic rock bands such as Deep Purple very much to mind, Demon powered through its heavy rock/metal catalogue with much good natured relish. Singer Dave Hill is a likeable front man and the band boasts some excellent musicians in general. A pounding, powerful rhythm section from Andy dale and Neil Ogden on bass and drums respectively supplied solid foundation for Fazza Farrington’s keyboards and guitarists David Cotterill and Ray Walmsleys’ well-rehearsed refrains and melodies. Demon may not be quite as well-known as other long-standing bands of their ilk, but they have certainly found a permanent niche for themselves. My only real gripe was the mind-numbing volume, which seemed to increase steadily throughout the band’s set. Even so, this would be down to the sound man, rather than the band. Hill complained about the lack of working monitors onstage; a fact which may have caused them to turn up in compensation. I’ve heard many times that old chestnut about a person being too old if the music’s too loud. Considering that the wearing of earplugs seems to be pretty much the norm amongst fans and bands alike these days, something in that old adage would appear to have had its day. I came out of the venue to find myself almost completely deafened; still having traces of ringing in my ears up until teatime the next day. At long, long last, I think it’s maybe time for me to purchase some earplugs myself. Hardly rock ‘n’ roll, but sometimes commonsense really does have to prevail.

A good night though, nonetheless.


Hollywood Tease

Review Comment from Hollywood Tease...

Hey dude, just read the review fom the queens gig. just a few things I wanted 2 point out. you make us out like a Motley Crue tribute band but if you knew anythin about our style of music you would know that basically every glam metal band from the 80's era, for example, Ratt, Skid Row, La Guns had that style of playing. just because we dress in leather jackets n cowboy boots n have hav big hair does not mean we are tryin to b Motley Crue or any other band 4 that matter, we just want to b a band that stands out from the rest. one last thing, posing is not at the forefront, the music is, and always will b.

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MissMisstreater said...

What a funny comment... because im SURE when i saw you play London yesterday you covered a Crue song....

add to that that both openers blew you away....