Thursday, 30 October 2008

Hip Hop Review: Chronicle & Jun Tzu

Article by DJ Fresh

Chronicle is a Manchester based rapper who recently released a mixtape entitled "EXPOSURE THE DOCUMENTARY MIXTAPE" with his friend and fellow rapper Jun Tzu. The album became quickly known as "Manchester's most controversial, realistic and revealing CD ever" and is rumoured to have sold over 5000 copies on the streets of Manchester. The album documented the Manchester hip hop scene and the characters within it. By using real life phone calls to 'expose' certain personalities in between the ingenious lyrical content of his tracks, the album was always on to a winner. His music is both conscious and lyrical, but above all else it provokes thought and argument, which is sadly missing from the majority of so called rappers trying to make a break in UK hip hop.

The underground scene has always been his foundation, and he stands by the fundamentals and roots of the culture. The most important thing being in conveying positive concepts, whilst remaining creative. The sharing of knowledge is foremost in his art, and this comes across in the sheer honesty of his interpretaion of his own ideas.

Chronicle has quickly become hot property on the scene, and this has become evident with his inclusion on a tour with MTV BASE's "I LUV LIVE" event with his friend and fellow artist Jun Tzu. The event involved some other major big names such as Malik B (MD7), Blind Alphabets, Kelly Le Roc and Baby J to anme but a few.

He is currently working on a debut solo project entitled "THE DANGEROUS DEMO" which is set to be released in February 09.

Jun Tzu Is a rap artist that originates from Belfast in Northern Ireland, but is currently living in Manchester.he is also a very controversial and fearless lyricist, who is not afraid to tackle any subject. This includes politics and religion, and he is well known for his uncompromising delivery during freestyle sessions. His music is inspired from his own roots of growing up in Belfast and the troubles that the Irish people have faced throughout their history.

Jun Tzu began writing poetry as a child, and has always had a passion to express his views and beliefs to other people. He likes to experiment with his music, and even delves into other genres such as Irish folk and soft rock.

The Demo cd is free to download via their myspace pages and is only available for a limited time, so be quick and don't miss out!!

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