Sunday, 19 October 2008

SONS Records Showcase @ Victoria Hall, Hanley. October 11th.

Review by Charlotte Denis

Photos by Elodie Soulier

First of all, I must say that the Victoria Hall was a lot busier that the last SONS records showcase. The audience seemed to be older and were obviously enjoying watching the bands and their performances.

With some new songs, La Dies, announced by a funny Colin Murray, played some catchy riffs. Leader Pete, charismatic as always, knows how to communicate with the audience. They really feel at home and the band is always up for a good laugh. They enjoy what they do and you can tell.

Alexa Chung, between two DJ sets, announced The Novellos, much the original young band with their classy uniforms. I’m always amazed at the fact that they switch instruments and the energy they have. I enjoy watching them every time as they have so much vivacity you can’t help tapping and clapping along. The fact that they switch instruments (guitar, percussions, keys, trumpet) makes it even more entertaining every time.

I even overheard a proposition made by Alex Turner (from the Arctic Monkeys and The Last Shadow Puppets), who randomly showed up with his partner Miles, involving them doing the first part of some of their shows. That would be an amazing recognition for them.

This is Seb Clarke was also, very very entertaining, I’d say even better than last time. They are so many on stage that it’s hard to focus. I felt like it was a big jazz party and everyone is welcome to join them, and by seeing the audience you could tell they enjoyed it too.

Sons records put on an amazing show tonight, it seems to get better and better every single time. The bands are getting more confident and it is always a pleasure to watch them perform because, as I see it, the best thing ever is to see a band that plays with enthusiasm and is giving themselves to a 100% to the audience, and that’s what I felt tonight.


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